Position Limits Data

NOTICE: Effective January 1, 2017, the IFM sold its Data Center and data services to our affiliate, FIA Technology Services, Inc. All expert staff from the IFM Data Center also transferred to FIA Tech. For more information, pricing or to schedule a demonstration, please contact FIA Tech Data Center at 1-202-304-1969 or Databank@FIA-Tech.com.

The frequency of limits and rule changes has made it particularly difficult for firms to keep current and stay compliant. At the request of market participants, the IFM administers position limit compliance utilities to help market-users manage trading compliance risk monitoring and recordkeeping, and resolve omissions and discrepancies in regulatory announcements and data.

To address this problem, the industry relies on the Position Limits Databank (PLD) and the Equity Options Position Limits Databank (EOPLD).

Key Benefits

  • Data updated daily to mitigate losses caused by inaccurate or latent information
  • Continuous limit coverage on globally-traded contracts
  • Facilitates pre- and intra-day compliance
  • Data are delivered daily in machine readable file formats that can be integrated into a firm's compliance system.