Web Tutorial: Introduction to Futures and Options Markets

What do you know about the Futures and Options Markets?

Start with a quick knowledge assessment by completing a short 5-question quiz. Next, move through the web tutorial to learn about futures and options markets, contracts and market participants. You will explore the concepts of hedging and speculating — two essential components for a healthy market and a vibrant economy

Our easy-to-read content with interactive quizzes let you test your comprehension and will improve your understanding of the derivatives markets and those that use the markets for investing and to manage risks.

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What's Inside?

  • Test your Futures & Options on Futures IQ
  • Futures & Options on Futures Contracts
    • Prerequisites for Futures and Options on Futures Markets
    • Contract Innovations
    • Comparison of Futures, Equities, Forwards and Over-the-Counter Derivatives
  • Market Institutions and Professionals
    • Exchanges
    • Clearinghouses
    • Futures Commission Merchants
    • Introducing Brokers
    • Commodity Pools
    • Commodity Trading Advisors
  • Life of a Futures and Options Contract
  • Hedging & Spreading
    • Speculators
    • Cash Futures Basis
    • Spreading
    • Intramarket Spreads
    • Intermarket Spreads
  • Hedging Exercise
  • Futures and Options Quiz